The Closet Essentials Part 2


Hello guys! Welcome back to my blog. I’ll be finalizing the list in this post so get your pens and notebooks ready! 


11) A Fitted Cardigan 

This can be paired with a T-shirt, skinny jeans and pumps or flats. Switching it up with black trousers is also great. 

12) A Cable-Knit Sweater 

A cable-knit sweater matches perfectly well with black trousers, a satchel and shoe boots or with a trench coat, skinny jeans and flats. 

13) A Turtleneck Sweater 

Match this with a pencil skirt and flats or with a full skirt, a biker jacket and tall boots. You can also pair it with black trousers, fun flats and sunglasses or with skinny jeans instead. 

14) A Pencil And A Full Skirt 

These two have been a part of the list since number one, indicating their importance. You really can’t do without them!

15) Skinny Jeans And Black Trousers 

Who can survive without these? Please tell me if you ever find one.

16) A Sundress

You can either wear it with flats, pumps, or strappy heels and look amazing!

17) Pumps And Shoe Boots, Tall Boots And Flats 

You just really need these! They’re a major part of this list, and of life! Just get them! 

18) A Black Dress 

Whoever said we don’t need a black dress clearly doesn’t live on this planet and is full of negativity. You don’t need that kind of negativity, you don’t! 

19) A Satchel, A Shoulder Bag And A Clutch

For every dress you wear, you’ll need any of these, so make sure you get them. 

20) A Pair Of Sunglasses 

The last on the list is a pair of sunglasses. Aside the fact that they help protect your eyes when you’re under the sun, they look really cool and add some style to your look. 

With the list finally complete, whenever you go shopping, make sure to get these staples so you can have outfits to wear at any place, any time, and any occasion. 

What piece of fashion can’t you live without? Share it with us in the comments’ section!

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