Packing Travel Essentials


Hello guys! Welcome back to my blog. Packing travel essentials can be a problem. We pack and get to our destination, then we realize we left some things at home that we now need urgently. We then have to spend money on them, eating into our budget or just manage to do without them, especially when it has got to do with fashion. In this post, I’ll be talking about the Travel Essentials Part 1, which will be about clothes we need to pack when traveling.

1) Pick versatile items of clothing that fit into your traveling activities. This usually includes a black dress, a button down shirt, a blazer and a trench or wool coat.

2) Stick to colors and patterns that mix and layer easily such as a pair of jeans and trousers, a striped/Breton top and a blouse.

3) Thin knits, such as t-shirts, tanks and shorts keep your suitcase light.

4) Pack comfortable and functional footwear of which a pair of sandals, sneakers, flats and boots are a part of. 

5) Accessories can greatly increase your outfit clothes. A hat, a scarf, sunglasses, a necklace, a watch, a bracelet, a tote bag and a clutch are some examples of essential accessories you need to make sure you’ve packed. 

I hope you enjoyed this post, and in the next post, I’ll be talking about the other essentials needed when traveling. Feel free to share your thoughts and clothes essentials you usually pack when traveling. 

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