Packing Travel Essentials 3

Hello guys! Welcome back to my blog. This is the final part of the series. I’ll be listing the items needed to make your travel complete and stress free.

1) Passport Holder
This is to keep your passport so it doesn’t get missing or spoilt. Who wants to get stranded in another country?

2) Headphones
Music Lovers! Your flight might be long, and in order to not get bored, make sure to get some good headphones.

3) Camera and Camera Strap
No pictures? No please! Your camera will help you to capture all the best moments and the strap will be there to help you carry your camera with zero stress!

4) Eye Mask

5) Book
For the reading enthusiasts like me, a book is a number one essential! No boredom ever when you’re indulged in a good read!

6) Phone or Tablet
Can we ever survive without a phone?

7) Laptop
For bloggers and all alike, a laptop is a must have on any trip. You can write, upload your pictures and post at your destination without waiting to get home first.

8) Charger and An Adapter
You don’t want to arrive at your destination and be in for the shock of your life when you realise that you left your charger and an adapter. Most countries utilise different types of sockets, so don’t go unprepared. Just get yourself one that can fit all your charger and you’ll be good to go!

9) Pen and A Notebook
You’ll never know when your phone may run out of battery. Just carry a pen and notebook in case you need to write when your phone goes off.

10) Gum

11) Cash
Carry some cash on you. For instance, in Ghana, cash is still king. You’ll need it whenever you need to make a purchase and you’ll be surprised at the large number of businesses that don’t accept card payments. This also happens in other countries, so do yourself some good and carry some cash.

12) Credits Cards
It’s easier paying with cards, and most developed countries utilise this method of payment.

13) Printed Ticket And Travel Information

14) Ear Plugs

15) Water Bottle
I find these useful as they’re a great reminder to drink more water. In places with hotter climates, you’ll cherish your full bottle!

16) Snacks
My strong like for food will ensure that by all means, I carry snacks along! I mean, how on earth can a human being live without snacking? How?

This brings us to the end of this series. What are the travel essentials you always make sure to pack? Please share them with us in the comments’ section.

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