Honeymoon Essentials 

           Welcome back to my blog guys! Today’s post is going to be about what clothes to pack after your nuptials, the kind of stuff that will not make you only feel comfortable but sexy as well. Honeymoon essentials usually include light weight stuff because the main reason for that vacation is to enjoy a portion of the world with your spouse, and packing light is something we strive to achieve always, regardless of the reason for our travel. So here goes our list!

An off-shoulder dress

Regardless of where your destination is, of course except Iceland, Antartica and the likes, an off-shoulder dress is perfect for a honeymoon vacation. It’s light weight and oh-so feminine! Easy to put on and easy to sew if you’re a diy person. 

A t-shirt 

A t-shirt is almost always a perfect match on anything. Easy to wear as well and not heavy at all. 

A pair of shorts 

Looking for something you can wear on your honeymoon that’s short and easy to walk in? Look no further hun, a pair of shorts is what you need! You can pair it with a tee, a crop top, a bralet, a tank or a camisole. 

A pair of jeans 

On days where you feel like covering up your legs, you can switch to your denim instead of the shorts. Matches perfectly well with anything you can wear your shorts with. 


Need I say why this is an essential? Get yourself some real sexy lingerie to spice things up on your honeymoon. 

A black dress

Having a formal attire is one of the things you shouldn’t forget to pack. You’ll need it when you have to go eat at a fancy restaurant. If you’re not really a fan of black, you can also get a formal dress in any other colour of your choice.

A denim jacket 

Perfect for a casual look when the weather’s a bit chilly. 

A silk camisole 

Add a touch of sexy to your casual look with a silk camisole. 

A heel

Could be a pump, strappy heels or whatever you like that can beautifully match your formal attire to give you a classy look. 

Flats and sneakers 

You’ll need these to rock a casual look like a pro.

A satchel, a shoulder bag and a clutch 

Make sure to include these to switch from casual to formal! 

A swimsuit 

Whether a bikini or a monokini, just make sure to get yourself either. You could go swimming at anytime even if you plan not to. 

Sunglasses and a wide brim hat

Nothing pulls off the holiday look like these two!  

This brings us to the end of our list. Whatever the case is, just make sure to have fun on your honeymoon! 

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