The African Print Head Wrap

On the days where you just don’t feel like going through minutes, and maybe even hours of hair styling, what do go for? A head wrap.

Oh and what about those days where you’ve been styling your hair almost every day and your hair and scalp need to breathe? A head wrap.

And for those days where you just need a queenly addition to your entire look? A Head Wrap!
Head wraps are a great way to accessorise any outfit due to their designs and colours. Their prints add a regal touch to any look and can really amp your outfit.

Whether you’re dressing up for work or you’re getting ready for a date, a head wrap can be the ideal piece of clothing that can add a touch of ladylike elegance and make your outfit really stand out.

When styling head wraps, you can let your creativity play along and together, come out with a beautiful look.

But I know it can be a mess when starting out, so here are some pictures to draw some inspiration from.

All the images are from Pinterest except the first one, which is mine.

The head wrap I’m wearing is from Style Purple Label
PS: My Ebook on Color Blocking, which teaches you in detail how to effortlessly color block your outfit like a pro, is now available for only $2.99. You can visit this link to purchase your copy.

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