The Skirt 

Growing up, I wasn’t a big fan of skirts. I literally hated them. How they looked on me alone was enough reason for my dislike, not to even mention how restricted I felt in them.

As I started maturing, I realized that my childish sense of fashion was probably the reason why I never felt good in skirts and things had to change. With my growth in fashion and style, I began to grow tremendous love for them- although my love for anything pants ALWAYS comes first.
There are so many ways of looking so classy and well dressed in skirts.

For one, lace crop tops paired with circle or pencil skirts and pumps or strappy heels is a look I just can’t get enough of! I loooove that look!

Button down shirts also really go well with both skirts, both giving totally different but amazing looks.

Oh and the mini skirt- paired with a t-shirt and a blazer gives all kinds of gorgeousness!

Styling skirts just really comes down to your personal style, what you’re most comfortable with. Now that I’ve done enough talking, let’s draw some inspiration from the sets below, and please don’t forget to share this post. Someone might be in need of this information.

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