What Does Your Style Say About You?


Did you know that it takes a person 7 seconds to form an opinion about you?

Considering you can’t form a full sentence in 7 seconds, this opinion is solely based on your appearance.

Now, of course, what’s on the inside counts, but no one is going to find out what’s on the inside if your outsides aren’t accurately representing.

While style seems to naturally and seamlessly fit into the lifestyle of some people, others struggle EVERY SINGLE DAY with it.

You wake up fired up to knock off the day and some minutes later, you’re stuck before your closet, not having a single clue as to what to wear!

And 2000 years later…

You’re finally able to pick out an “at least decent looking” outfit, that isn’t flattering and isn’t doing a good job at keeping you even motivated to go through the rest of the day. You hate your job, your life and everything else just because your attire messed up your whole day! You lose your confidence and sometimes your self esteem eventually, and other people, who may or may not even know you, judge you and your abilities wrongly.

This happens to the best of us! That is why we are always asking the million dollar question, “How do I look?” We tend to ignore our wardrobes most of the time till we have to meet it face to face in the morning every day. It’s such a crucial part of our lives, yet we’ve been made to believe we can just wear anything and we’re good to go.

How do you want to be perceived by the rest of the world? The cold reality in this world is, people will judge you. ALL THE TIME! While I believe that people’s opinions about you can be annoying and very judgmental most of the time, you still need a great style to completely knock off anything anyone says.

The most important thing is to make sure you’re being taken seriously! You can’t wear an extremely ‘punky’ outfit for a business meeting or a school presentation. Truth is, no matter how talented or intellectual you may be, no one in that meeting will take you seriously.

Well of course, you don’t have to dress like ‘everyone else’ to feel and look good, but you need to dress appropriately to accurately represent yourself in any sphere of your lifestyle. Do you need a promotion at work, dress for it! Do you need to feel good during the weekends or casual meet ups, dress for it! Heck, do you need to feel sexy, dress for it! Just make sure your clothes convey the message you want them to, not the message they choose to!

Making your outfits tell the world what you want them to know, makes you look and feel comfortable and really good about yourself, and this feeling of pleasure transforms how you view the world and how you take on any project in your life!

So go ahead and drop off crappy clothes that don’t flatter you and convey the message you want them to, because you’re a badass!

That brings us back to this question, “How do you want the world to perceive you?”

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