Ready to get your style game on? 

Whenever we talk about style, it’s mostly just about the kind of clothes you feel most comfortable in. This is a good thing though, because it makes us have a unique and amazing personal style when done right. But there’s a downside to this. This mindset usually leads most of us into getting into a style rut that we have no idea as to how to get out of, leading to more depressing mornings and longer miserable days. 
Well, the good news is, no matter how long you’ve stayed in a style rut, there’s definitely a way to embrace change in your personal fashion style and I’m going to show you how! 

The most important part of this fashion change is to know what you want to look like. I’ve written about the importance of knowing what you want to look like here. This helps you to easily pick out clothes that aren’t helping you look your best. In style terms, it’s called a closet cleanse. 

During a closet cleanse, it’s very important to be truly honest with yourself. Ask yourself questions like “Does this flatter my body type?” and “Does this reflect who I want to be or who I am?” Answering them make it a lot easier for you to know the clothes to take out and the ones you should keep. 

The second step in getting your style game on is to start developing your new sense of style. Finding your fashion inspiration at this point will greatly reduce your work load here. Google your style icons or look through magazines and save the images that look good to you. Keep in mind that you should pick clothes that you can be comfortable in. 

Your next step will be to go shopping. It is at this stage that you write down on your shopping list the items that are worn out in your closet that need to be replaced. You should also add items that you loved from your style icons or from the magazines that you don’t have. Always creating a list before going shopping is so important because it keeps you focused when you’re buying, saving you some money. You therefore don’t get distracted by all the pretty things you see online or at the malls. This also works when you’re grocery shopping. 

Now that you’ve got your clothes, it’s time to put outfits together. In order to save you time in the mornings, try on your clothes and style them with your accessories. Create outfits you love with your old and new pieces, and when you create amazing looks, take pictures of them, create a new album on your phone and save them there. This way, you don’t now have to spend so much time in the mornings trying to find outfits that work. 

You now have an amazing fashion style that’s personal to you, so what next? Learn how to care for your garment. This is so crucial in prolonging the lifespan of your clothes. Keep the items that need to be hang neatly placed on your hangers and those that need to be folded, properly folded. When doing your laundry, follow the washing instructions on their labels of your garments. They are there to prevent you from destroying the clothes. You should also avoid abusing your clothes by wearing the same thing over and over again and don’t forget to get yourself a steamer if you don’t have one. 

Following all the tips above will help to get your style game on! 

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