Prolong The Lifespan Of Your Shoes With A Shoe Kit

Whether we like it or not, shoes are an integral part of our lives. We go everywhere with them, making it the reason why we need to know how to care for them so we in turn, prolong their lifespan, saving us lots of money! 

In today’s post, we’ll be finding out the items that make a great shoe kit, one that includes everything you will need to take good care of your shoes. 

•Suede soap or leather cleaner

•Shoe cream and polish in the most common colors of your leather shoes, plus a neutral for hard-to-match colors 

•A suede brush and suede shampoo or cleaning liquid 
•A small application brush for every different color of polish or cream

•Two horsehair buffing brushes (one for dark colors and one for light colors)

•Several soft flannel or cotton cloths for the final buffing 

Find a nice box to keep these items in and place it in your closet so you can always pick it up when you need to. 

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