How To Wear High Waisted Jeans

 Are high waisted jeans for everyone?
A lot of people go about thinking that high waisted jeans aren’t for everyone. Although this ideology is false, what’s also true is that you have to find out the right one that fits your body structure so that you look your best when wearing it. I’ll be giving you some of the tips that I give to my clients to help them pick the best high waisted jeans. 
* If one particular pair doesn’t fit, try another one. 

* If you’re curvy at the bottom and you want to minimize how it looks, go for a black pair. 

* If you have a big stomach, a high waisted flared or boot cut jeans is best for you. 

* If you’re petite, a high waisted skinny jeans cropped at the ankle will work for you. 

* If your stomach looks bigger in it or the zipper shows under your shirt, tuck it in, or wear a tighter top or a crop top. 

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