How to build a classic wardrobe

Building a classic wardrobe that would really serve you is quite a daunting task for many people. Their inability to do this is usually what makes most people go through a lot of unnecessary stress figuring out what to wear.

With the right items in your closet, you’ll find out that it’s really easy picking out your outfits to look fabulous for any occasion.

Style should really not be a big deal since it’s just about clothes, but using this tool appropriately makes your whole day much better, whether it’s for a presentation at work, meeting with investors, or even going out for brunch.

In order to build your wardrobe to fit your lifestyle, you need to figure out your personal style. I’ve spoken extensively about this here. This should guide you into knowing what you want in your wardrobe.

After figuring out how your wardrobe should look like, you’ll have to go through a closet cleanse. You’ll find useful information about closet cleansing here.

Purging’ your closet will make room for better fitting clothes.

Now, after this is done, make sure to create a shopping list that would include the items that need to be replaced as well as the kind of clothes that would fit perfectly into your lifestyle.

With this part taken care of, organizing your closet comes next. While most people seem to think this part isn’t important, it is actually the part of this whole process that would determine the longevity of your clothes, and how stress-free your mornings would be. Knowing where everything is makes it a whole lot easier picking out your look for the day. Organizing your closet usually just takes a few hours to get done with. So, make sure not to skip this part.

With apps like Pinterest and Polyvore, finding fashion inspiration for your personal style comes easily. Use them to help you beautifully match your clothes whenever you need that extra help.

And just by following these tips, you’ll find out that you’ve built your wardrobe perfectly to suit your fabulous style that is personal to you!

What’s your biggest problem when it comes to fashion? Comment below and I’ll try my best to address it in my next post.

I hope you enjoyed today’s post! Definitely share it with someone who needs this information and shoot me an email if you need more help.

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