How To Style Your T-shirt

The t-shirt is one piece of clothing that is the most basic and because of that, a lot of us tend to underrate it. There are several ways to take your t-shirt from looking plain to being a fashionable piece in your outfit.

Roll the sleeves

Such a simple act can make your t-shirt look more stylish than it already is, giving your entire look a different vibe.

Add a jacket or coat

Pairing your t-shirt with an outerwear takes your look to the next level!

Tye a knot on it

Tying a knot on the side of your t-shirt enhances its look automatically. You can easily do this by using a transparent rubber band to create a little ponytail at the side you would want the knot to be, pull it through the band halfway and twist the band over again.

Tuck one side in

You can also easily make your t-shirt look nicer by ticking one side in whatever you’re pairing your t-shirt with.

I hope you enjoyed today’s post! Definitely share it with someone who needs this information and shoot me an email if you need more help.

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